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     Family Law or Domestic Law involves our most important relationships, the people closest to us.  Issues with divorce, custody, support and parenting time require an attorney both knowledgeable and experienced.  An attorney both agressive and sensitive to the mutual goals of the parties is the path to a successful outcome of the matter. 

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Landlord-Tenant Law Update: Eviction by Email!

Evicting a tenant (or getting evicted) has recently been moved into the 21st century in Michigan. Effective August 19, 2015, a landlord may serve a Demand for Possession by email or other electronic means. The tenant must have consented to electronic service in advance in writing and have provided a confirmed email address.


The amended statute is MCL 600.5718(1)(d). Landlords would be wise to update their lease language to permit this option. Tenants would be wise to keep an eye on their spam folder!

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